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Well, that was fun while it lasted. Consider this page an archive of the good ol' days.

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They were innocent once...what happened???

The guys sign their souls away once again:
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What is:
SiriusXM Satelitte Radio
Hiring Alternative Lifestyle Program Directors since 1990

What was:


Come to their senses?
Yeah, but they rehired Al Dukes...

Kept Don & Mike longer than O&A

We alienate talent like no other
"She can't go down with 2 stockholders in her!"

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Interesting Reading Material:

Infinity Broadcasting Vs. Joey Boots Prod. (www.opieandanthony.com) (PDF)
FCC 'Teen Week' Violation & Fine (PDF)
Powell: "Deeply Disturbed" by SFS3 (PDF)
Complaint To FCC: Sex For Sam 3 (PDF)
Copps On SFS3 (PDF)
St. Patrick's Cathedral Police Complaint (PDF)
Copps: Still "Outraged" One Year After SFS3 (PDF)
FCC Propose $357,500 Fine For SFS3 (PDF)
SFS3: FCC Judgement (NAL) Against Infinity & Affiliates ($357,000) (PDF)
FCC Comm. Martin On A Recent Violation (Non-O&A) (SCARY!) (PDF)

The Old Days:

Original fanpage from Anthony's Former Squeeze

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"All we hear is, radio ga-ga, radio goo-goo, radio blah-blah..."

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